Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hey, Nice Shout-Out! (and we don't believe for a moment that he's dead either...)

In a recent blog post, "The Captain America Death Scam," comic book fan Mikey Mason, delivers this GREAT retort to NPR (and other media) coverage of the "death" of Marvel Comic mainstay Captain America:
"Sure he's dead. And Roman Brady from DAYS OF OUR LIVES was
dead, too. But then he came back after amazing reconstructive surgery, and reestablished his life with his widow, only that wasn't really him, it was a brainwashed John Black, who worked for Stefano Dimera, only to find out that he wasn't the real Roman Brady when the real Roman Brady returned, so he joined forces with the real Roman Brady to try and take down Stefano Dimera, even though they were still wooing the same woman, Marlena (Roman's wife, who thought that John Black was Roman, too.)"
ALSO: Check out an old blog post on by AS THE WORLD TURNS's Van Hansis ("Luke Snyder"), in which he draws upon his passionate comic book-fandom to draw parallels between ATWT and the popular Marvel Comic's "X-Men" series. (you'll need to scroll down to the entry marked 'Blog 11.0: June 19, 2006')


Salvador said...

in the words of the onion, why are all the good assassinations wasted on fictitious characters?

Anonymous said...

Funny point, Salvador, but a little creepy, nonetheless...

Personally, I have found the parallels between comics and soaps fascinating, from how both are long-standing (some 50+ years) storytelling platforms that have featured similar, out-there (but entertaining!) plotlines, to the similar passion and loyalty of the fans.

I've often wondered how much overlap there is...sounds like this Mikey guy is definitely a fan of both (good for him)!

carley-ubenish said...

I think NBC's new serial show (I think you could safely call it a soap as there are few, if any, purely episodic stories and plots) HEROES, is perhaps the perfect bringing together of comics and soaps. And it's a hit!

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone calls HEROES success "unexpected" or "surprising" ... Hello! Soaps + Comics = Passionate, Loyal Fans who show up every week!

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