Thursday, March 1, 2007

MyNetworkTV to Rinse Soapy Slate, Face (all?) Reality

TVWeek reports MyNetwork TV is abandoning their inauguraral 'all-telenovela' format for an equally ambitious, but significantly cheaper 'reality-heavy' one:

The network has dropped plans to produce seventh and eighth cycles of telenovelas, and has decided to cease pursuing scripted content of any kind.....Next month the network [will] run its final two telenovelas-"American Heiress" and "Saints & Sinners"-on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with mixed martial-arts fighting Mondays and movie nights Thursdays and Fridays. ....

The network also recently announced upcoming specials on Anna Nicole Smith ("Anna Nicole Smith: A Centerfold Exposed," produced by the team behind "Access Hollywood"), an Elton John concert special ("Happy Birthday Elton") and a fight night preview special ("Countdown to Battleground").

(read the full article here)

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k/lennox said...

Ugly Betty is how you adapt a telenovela for an American audience. It wasn't that America wasn't ready for nighttime soaps like's that these were BAD nighttime soaps, moved too fast, and 13 weeks was not enough time to get properly invested with our schedules here. Note the first thing Ugly Betty did...drop the 13 week constraint.

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