Saturday, February 24, 2007

SoapNet: Viewers will "interact with GH like never before"

SoapNet and GENERAL HOSPITAL are promising an unprecedented interactive experience this weekend as part of the show's weekly replay block. The net's promotional materials encourage viewers to "Talk about General Hospital with fans across the country...[and] text in questions, comments, and shout outs throughout the 5 hour marathon using your mobile phone."

The web advertisement has all the details and includes a video from the portrayer of GH's resident computer geek, Bradford Anderson ("Damien Spinelli"). Though NBC (PASSIONS, in particular) is the daytime leader in interactive content, SoapNet has been experimenting with a variety of new interactive tie-ins for its web visitors and viewers. If you haven't visited SoapNet's innovative "Fantasy Soap League" you can do so by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

This really seems like something more appropriate for Passions, or a younger skewing show. GH has great teens, but do teens actually watch GH?

Meka said...

I dont watch Passions, but I followed the link and they have really outdone themselves. The 'Fancies Room' section is seriously involved. No wonder kids love that show so much since it obviously knows how to play to them. (Now if only it had come on in the old Santa Barbara slot, which, at least in parts of the country comes on after school, instead of when teens are tied up, it probably wouldnt be canceled right now).

James W. Mills said...

I think GH does pretty well with teenagers and young people and doing it during a sunday afternoon soapnet marathon is likely exactly when the most teens are available.

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