Sunday, February 25, 2007

Georgia lawmaker: High cable bills? Blame SoapNet!

A fun exchange from a Georgia lawmaker's town-hall:

This legislative session, Clay Cox has become an expert in two areas. 'All I know about anymore is cable television and payday lending,' the Republican legislator from Lilburn told a crowd at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce on Friday.But Cox’s wife, Alisa, added another subject to the list after the meeting: the soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Cox jokingly blamed his high cable rate on his wife’s affinity for SoapNet when discussing a bill that would allow cable companies to franchise with the state instead of individual cities or counties. 'It costs me $100 for television that used to be free,” Cox said. 'The result of this bill, I believe, is lower cable rates.”

After the meeting Alisa Cox said her husband shouldn’t pass the buck. He’s just as big a fan of the soap opera — a show they TiVo and watch together — as she is. Admitted the state representative, 'I’ve got to have GENERAL HOSPITAL.'

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