Friday, February 23, 2007

TVWeek looks at year's highly competitive Daytime Emmy field

Writing for Television Week, Allison J. Waldman takes a look at potential contenders for the upcoming Daytime Emmy nominations, noting that across the board (and networks) quality in 2006 makes the field as competitive as it has been in years.

Waldman speaks to ABC-Daytime president Brian Frons, SoapNet Executive VP and GM Deborah Blackwell, and's Daniel Coleridge, who offer their perspectives on the year's possibilities.

The article does not address the ongoing pre-nomination controversies, but does mention the fact that the pre-nomination procedure leaves some of the year's most acclaimed actors, like Eric Braeden of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, ineligible for a nomination.

The article:


Anonymous said...

It's good to see an industry mag still gives that many column inches to soaps, but the piece was too lightweight for me. The story IS the revamping of the process from a few years ago and the successes AND failures that have come from it's wake. You definitely get less complaints than before, but the prenomination issues are clear AND present and aren't likely to go away until they are addressed, which articles like this fail to do.

K/Lennox said...

Anonymous has it right. The pre-nomination issue is the one of the current time. To gloss over it made the piece more of a puff piece than it needed to be. Also, I think it's worth noting that in this vey pro-ABC/GH article, two of the three experts interviewed were Disney-ABC execs. Might have been good to interview Barbara Bloom, CBS counterpoint to Frons, and someone from NBC as well. Otherwise I would have stayed away from Frons so as not to give the story a pro-ABC slant.

Anonymous said...

This blog is much needed. I'm glad to see it's been created. I'll spread the word. The popularity contest that is the pre-nom process has become hush-hush topic #1 on our set. We've always been guiltier than any other show on this front, and this year (purely by chance) the list of who got our pre-noms vs. who gave the best performances was so far apart that there's a real fear that we're going to lose the respect of our peers in the industry. Supposedly one of our actor/actresses factored it into her departure (though I'm not sure that's completely true) and it may be a bigger factor, snowballing. So this should be interesting to see where it goes. Thanks.

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