Wednesday, February 28, 2007

B&B Down Under: Moss and Lang in Gay Mardi Gras Flap

More from behind the scenes at THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Australia remote:

"THE organisers of Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras have been accused of undermining international publicity for the parade after initially refusing to allow visiting US soap stars Ronn Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang to be involved.

As their Sydney stopover coincided with Mardi Gras, the duo from hit series The Bold And The Beautiful were keen to fly the pink flag aboard a float during the weekend's parade...[but] the concept became too difficult to orchestrate after Mardi Gras chiefs demanded to know exactly how the heterosexual pair had previously contributed to the gay and lesbian community.

'It had huge potential for worldwide publicity and they initially issued a flat out no,' a frustrated Mardi Gras insider told Confidential yesterday. 'Do they want high-profile people to get involved...or to end up with just a bunch of feral hippies carrying placards?'

Mardi Gras creative director Graham Browning said Moss and Lang's involvement in the parade was "eventually given the green light" but had ended up clashing with their filming commitments for the soap...."

(read the whole story here)

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